Memory Squares
(Spatial Memory)

Anderson Hung 2020

Another Kind of Memory Storage
Memory squares are used to store related information together, such as alphabet, numbers, images, symbols, shapes, colors, musical notes, and sounds.

How to Use
Memory squares can be employed to store information row by row, column by column, or diagonally. They can also be arranged in circle(s), clockwise or anticlockwise.

Standardized squares are adopted to maximize storage space and reduce wastage.

40 Memory Squares

1-cell Memory Squares
01. An Empty Square
02. The Zero
03. The Square Root of 1
04. Two Triangles in a Square

4-cell Memory Squares
01. Arithmetic Symbols
02. DNA Base Pairs
03. Four Elements
04. Four Seasons
05. Life Cycle
06. ABO Blood Groups
07. Shapes
08. Brain Map

9-cell Memory Squares
01. Man
02. Woman
03. The Solar System
04. Hindu-Arabic Numerals
05. Punnett Square
06. Compass
07. Musical Notes
08. Directions
09. Common Word Orders
10. Tic Tac Toe
11. Magic Square
12. The Dots
13. The Sun, the Moon, and the Star
14. Organic Chemistry
15. Our Best Songs
16. Vitamins and Essential Minerals

16-cell Memory Squares
01. Digital Clock
02. Fifteen Puzzle
03. Zodiac and 4 Seasons
04. Chinese Zodiac and 4 Seasons

25-cell Memory Squares
01. Color Square*
02. Music Square*

36-cell Memory Square
      Alphanumeric Characters

49-cell Memory Square
      The Calendar

64-cell Memory Squares
01. Chessboard
02. Hexagrams

81-cell Memory Square
      Multiplication Table

100-cell Memory Square
      Prime Numbers*


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